7 Morning Rituals You Can Follow to Start a Successful Day

7 Morning Rituals You Can Follow & Start a Successful Amazing Day

What does most successful people in the world all have in common in their daily lives that help them to make best out of the day? Like Tony Robbins, Mark Twain, Steve Jobs, Jack Dorsey and many of the other successful people have morning rituals.


Meaning, they take time every single morning. And they proactively and consciously spend that first part of the day taking care of themselves so that they can perform at their best each day to ultimately create the day and the life that they want. They are proactive, not reactive.

Proactive and Reactive Definition:
A proactive approach focuses on eliminating problems before they have a chance to appear and a reactive approach is based on responding to events after they have happened. The difference between these two approaches is the perspective each one provides in assessing actions and events.

Philosophy behind this is that most people live their lives without morning rituals and are reacting to the demands of everybody else. They wake up, hit the snooze button, straight away get on their email or Facebook. Have an unhealthy breakfast and keep feeling worried about everything that needs to get done that day. And they don’t take time the most important person in their life which is you, themselves. They don’t give themselves the most scarce resources they have which is time.

On the other hand the most successful people in the world, they’re all proactive and have morning rituals. They take time to make sure that their body, their mind and the spirit is strong, because when you’re proactive and you take care of you first then you deal with all the obstacles and challenges you have for the day on much different level.

Every one of them have specific ritual that conditions themselves, that helps prepare them to be at their best. Successful people they’re not just lucky, there’s certain things they do every single day. And you become what you repeatedly do every single day.

Here’s good example of my own Empowering Morning Ritual that you can follow.

Start a Successful Amazing Day – Take Care of Yourself Mentally, Emotionally and Physically

The most successful people in the world aren’t successful by “luck” or by accident.  They are successful because they repeatedly condition themselves, most likely with morning rituals and do certain things everyday to shape their days and the life they want.

What if you can wake up every morning with unlimited energy?
What if you can change your attitude everyday so that better options started to show up for you of what you really want in life?
What if you are in the office or your home and people looked up to you for inspiration?
What if you can transform into someone that will be closer to your goals in life?

You’re in control. You are the master of your own journey. And you can definitely rewrite it by starting with small beginnings, tiny habits that become big and strong habits. Overcome overwhelming tasks with “Tiny Habits”. We can choose to start a positive day, with a smile on our face to the brightness of the sun and be optimistic.

Here are 7 Step Morning Rituals That you Can Follow

How You Start Your Day is How You Start the Rest of Your Life.

Day by day, when you’re consistent doing the same thing over and over to lead to growth. It will change everything about your life.

Step 1: Be Thankful


Making a gratitude list everyday, whether it is on your mind or it’s written into diary or a blog. And when you have Gratitude, it keeps you engaged in the present moment.

You’re not living in the past and neither in the future and what happens when you’re right here, right now is you start show up for people, understand and hear them with your heart.

There’s so much to be thankful about life. Even the mere fact of waking up and having another chance to correct our mistakes is a big blessing that we need to be thankful for every single day.

Step 2: Figure Out All Tasks That you Want to do The Next Day

Morning ritual & planning

Planning and Prioritising are key elements of success. And when we do them correctly, we cut out unnecessary procrastinating that kills our time. So try to factor out most important tasks and then numbering them in order of importance by writing down on a sheet of paper or leave a sticky note in your computer screen, so you won’t forget. Get Them Done Immediately next day, things that are going to make the biggest impact towards your goal/life, are first tasks after morning rituals. To be motivated, think about your future self and which way it impacts your life.

Step 3: Write Down in a Journal the Things you Want to become!

importance of goal setting

I personally have a journal & blog, where i write out how i want to be during the next day every evening. I write it as if i’m writing a movie. It’s a powerful move for yourself as you know “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” Napoleon Hill once said. Keeping a journal and writing about how you want to see the world around you, has powerful effect on your subconscious mind to be able to unlock possibilities. Your mind starts picking up what you’ve done before you go to bed and programming it into your mind. All energetic frequency that were emitting before we go to bed, can start to position our greater opportunities in your life. Remember, consistency is key here.

Step 4: Drinking Water

Morning Rituals - Drinking Water

I have about 1 liter of water before sleep, because when you sleep you will be dehydrated when you wake up. It applies also in the mornings when i open my eyes, i smile and drink 2 glass of water that wakes my whole body up. Water provides us with energy and when we don’t have enough water in our system, our bodies will react negatively and lowers our energy to do things. Water is an essential element to integrate during our mornings.

Step 5: Waking Up Early, Smile
Morning Rituals - Wake up Smiling

First thing i do in the morning, is SMILE. That sets up the day the way that you needed to be. Appreciate the fact that i’m alive, that today is a new day. Every day is a gift. It’s a new opportunity to experience everything that life has to offer. Enjoy each day, by making a conscious choice to see the positive, because there’s so much life has to offer, how could you not be happy about that.

Step 6: Exercise: Running & Jogging, Gym

Workout Morning Ritual

After opening eyes, stretch out your body, it has been laid for many hours, loosen up. After getting up & doing rituals, i go for a Run or  Gym. Spend at least 1 hour, if not possible then as much as possible to make sure you move. People think that exercising is tiring, instead exercise is a necessity and ideally should be done during the morning. It allows us to get rid of our body toxins by sweating. Also our joints and muscles to stretch out, preparing us for upcoming activities we’re set to do. It brings us clear mind, releases dopamine which plays a major role in reward-motivation behaviour and gets our day going strong with positive feelings.

If you don’t have time to go to the gym or park for a jog, do simple exercises at home, like stretching, dancing to make your body move.

If you find it hard to motivate yourself, start small. Because you will never “feel like” doing something that you should do. You just have to do it. 5 minutes in and you’re doing it.
Here’s Motivational Speech for each time you need it. You’re Welcome!

Step 7: Learn

What are you interested of? Where should you shift your attention to? Personal development.

I like to read for 30 minutes, sometimes 1 hour in the morning. Something that i’m interested in, it can be spiritual, personal development like law of attitude, something that’s going to grow you as a person. When you’re growing as a person i encourage you to take action on what you’ve learned each day and share it with the other people around you. If you’re able to share it, that’s when you really learn.

Empowering Morning Ritual Questions To Ask Yourself


  • What am i happy about?
  • What am i excited about?
  • What am i proud of?
  • What am i Grateful for?
  • What am i passionate about?
  • What am i Enjoying most?
  • What am i Committed to?
  • Who do i love? Who loves me?


  • What did i give today?
  • What was amazing about today?
  • What did i learn?
  • How can i use today as an investment in my future?

Problem Solving Questions:

  • What is great about this problem?
  • What’s not perfect yet?
  • What am i willing to do to make it the way i want?
  • What am i willing to no longer do to make it the way i want?
  • How can i enjoy the process while i do what is necessary to make it the way i want?

Focus on your personal development, it’s the best investment you can do!

Follow these morning rituals and be the better version of yourself. Do something for future self, your future self will love you for this!

Here Are 5 Examples of Successful Peoples Morning Rituals

Tony Robbins -A Self-Help Guru

  • Calls his empowering morning ritual  “Hour Of Power” 60 Minutes For Fulfillment.
  • Cold plunge
  • Visualising the day he wants
  • Breathing exercise
  • Meditating and spend first three minutes on gratitude by thinking what’s he grateful for.
  • Praying

Jack Dorsey – Founder of Twitter

  • Morning ritual of waking Up 5:30 Am
  • Meditate
  • Followed by a six-mile jog.

Steve Jobs – Founder of Apple
Powerful Morning Ritual.
A speech he gave to the graduating class of Stanford University:
“Past 33 years, i have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today? And whenever the answer has been ‘no’ for too many days in a row, i know it’s time to change.”

Benjamin Franklin
Had Morning ritual of waking up at 4:00am, which would involve proactively visualizing about what he would accomplish for that day.  He would ask himself the question, “What good shall I do this day?”

Mark Twain
says: “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”

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