Importance of Goal Setting: How to Set Goals Effectively

importance of goal setting

How you go about importance of goal setting and making sure to get them actually realised. We all have been at that place after new years resolution time. Week after new years, we set some big ambitious goal and then what happens, it falls through.

How do we turn that around so it will work through out whole year? How do we make them Practical that actually change, transform our life for better?

Goals seem simple and obvious, but actually you need to go in there and start to look. What makes goals work and what’s not relevant. So you can set proper powerful aim to achieve your dreams and that’s why we care about this. You know that you’re so much more capable than you currently realising. Progress is important for that reason.

You have some sort of dream and vision how your relationships, career, business, health, lifestyle could be like. To achieve big things in all those areas in your life, you have to have some sort of mission to get you there, simply said importance of goal setting, a dream is very big overarching goal that you need to break down into smaller parts so you can actually go and implement it.

How to do This and Where People Make Mistakes?

First reason is importance to realise that right now you probably don’t have any goals at all. This is the number one reason that people are not getting much success in their lives is simply that they do not have any.

Let’s clarify what it means, even when you have done a little and you think that you have goals. The first step is to realise that we have problem to fix, this is how we start and that’s why you’re here to improve yourself.

Most people think that goal is a desire of wanting something better. Mostly popular culture, a vague desire, like “i wish i had a nicer house, better marriage, my business ROI double of what i earn. I wish i was healthier, have a better car, more positive attitude”. When you have wish like this, you gotta start from somewhere, that’s alright, you can start there.
The problem is that people stay there for years, whole life and they wonder why they don’t get what they want. That’s because what they had. They had a very vague, loose desire for something that they don’t even know exactly what. It is not a plan.

Importance of Goal Setting

There’s about six key points of real aim to have, that constitute a proper true destination of your mission and if you don’t follow these, then you only have desire. Therefore it’s not going to work the way it should, it’s not going to get you motivated, take action, inspire & most important realised.

Here are 6 Key Points:

  1. It has to be specific, very crystal clear & great in detail
  2. Big and compelling so you will be motivated to follow through
  3. Have to be written down.
  4. Review your mission every single day.
  5. Has to be lined with your highest values.
  6. Creation of positivity.

These are extremely effective practical settings. If you do so, you’re going to be closer towards reaching your objective where you want to be.


Most people fail right here, because of vague notion that you want to live somewhere else, but you have not specify. What country, city, street, neighbourhood you want to live and what are good or bad conditions to live.

Same with business. You want to start or improve the current one you got, but it’s vague desire, maybe earn a little bit more money to be financially secure.

But what does it really mean. How many extra dollars you will need to be earning per day, month, a year. You have to articulate that, be very clear. What kind of business do you want, what your business will be doing, something really concrete and exact, crystal clear. The more clear you are about what you want. The bigger chances of having it are enormously increased.

This is probably the biggest misunderstanding where people fail. Most of the job is done by doing clarification, it’s critically to understand importance of goal setting. If you start digging into it and asking right questions. You start to see how little you know what you want and then you realise, why you’ve been stuck so long, because you don’t know what you’re going after.

Size of the Goal & Compelling

It has to be big, here’s an example:

Do you think it’s easier to lose 5 pounds and keep it off or to lose 50 pounds. It might seem like losing 5 pounds will be easier, because what it takes to lose it, maybe go to gym consistently for couple of weeks, diet a little bit and you can drop your 5 pounds.

But what it takes to lose 50 pounds?

You have to go to gym for months, have to work hard, retrain your diet, nutrition habits, be very consistent long time and then you’re going to lose it. But you know what, for most people losing 50 pounds it’s going to be easier than losing five. That’s because of a goal. The aspiration component, vision of the mission is more inspiring, more motivating, when there’s something juice do it. When your goal is incremental, when it’s small, not significant, then your brain is not going to get activated to actually start making progress that are necessary to create & sustain that goal.

That’s why so many people lose & gain, back and forth, because it’s very hard to motivate yourself. You’re not going to get compliments for losing 5 pounds. Nobody will see it, you’re not going to look more sexier. But if you lose 50 pounds, you can imagine all of the sudden, how big effect it will have on your life. You will look better on photos, more energetic, more options with opposite sex, dating life gets better, sex life improves. All these factors start coming into your mind. Then it feels like, i can actually do this, outcome is going to be worth it. That’s what big goal is.

Write your Mission Down

Importance of goal setting
Old school with pen & paper or laptop, preferably on paper.

You have to write it down, because in your head it is to loose, vague and you have to clarify it. If you sketch it down, your brain registers it in a different way, plus it’s there on paper so you can always get back to it.

Review your Ideas on DailyBasis

Mostly people get it wrong here. You have to look at it, every single day, in the morning, evening until it’s accomplished. Review it in your mind, so it will be top in your mind and always improve it.

Has to be Lined With your Values

What’s the meaning of your life, purpose and what are your top values that can be lined if it fulfils you.

All your Goals Don’t Need to be Accomplished

That’s not a failure on your part. It’s a good thing, you don’t want every single one of your goals to get accomplished, there’s a reason for progress the way it happens.

Because, if you could instantly get everything you wanted, it wouldn’t be healthy for your life. What’s better to set list of ideas as you’re working towards it you realise, to accomplish certain idea i have to put a lot of energy, time, money into it and it’s not that i actually want to do and cross it off.

Then you choose a next one and after all these costs are analysed, you still prefer it, because of importance, it’s worth it and this is how you grow.

Follow these simple key points and you’re going to have powerful effective importance of goal settings that you can do this through out whole year.

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” ~ Jim Rohn

“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a importance of goal setting which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible.” ~ Orison Swett Marden

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